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Name:Inception Het
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Inception het fan works
This is a community for Inception het fan works.

We encourage posting links to all types of fan work including:
* Fic
* Art
* Graphics and icons
* Podfic
* Fanmixes
* Vids
* Recs
* Meta (focused on a het pairing or het-specific topic)

Fan works linked here should have a het focus. This means that a het relationship should be at least as important as any non-het relationship featured. Our definition of het is as broad as possible: if you think it's het, it probably is! For purposes of this comm, het, slash, and femslash aren't mutually exclusive. F/m/m threesomes and triads are welcome as are fics which genderswap one character in a slash pairing or where cross-gender forging plays a role in a romantic or sexual plot.

Posting format:
Please tag posts with appropriate format (fic, art, etc).

Content notes:
For links to your individual fan works, include a header with content notes (our preferred terminology) or warnings. If there are no content notes, label with "Content notes: none."
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